Saturday, 28 May 2011


Why is it that picking wildflowers seems to be only a thing for children to do? Does adults have to spend money on flowers?

In some ways I think wildflowers are better than store bought flowers. They are free and anyone can pick them.

I don't pick wildflowers very often, but when I do , I only do it if there's loads of them. If I can only see a few of a certain flower, then I will leave it alone, so that maybe the birds and the bees can make more of them. And also, if I just leave them, then everyone that walks past them gets to enjoy seeing them as well, not just me, my family and whoever comes to visit while they're alive. Also, if I leave them, then they will live longer.

I picked a bouquet today though, the weather's been horrible lately, so I wanted to bring a little bit of summer inside.

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....Petty Witter said...

Thanks for these wonderful spring blooms, they brightened an otherwise very cloudy day here in Newcastle.


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