Tuesday, 24 May 2011

X is for...

Xenodocheionology (za-noh-doh-ka-NOL-a-jee)

Noun meaning "the love of hotels and inns". From the Greek words "xenos" meaning stranger or guest and "dechestai" meaning receive.

Foe example: Someone might study xenodocheionology to help hotel owners appeal to more people.

While I don't consider myself a xenodocheionologist, I do enjoy seeing pictures of luxury hotels and cozy inns. Like this picture from Larisa's post: Moments of Zen.
The picture is taken at a hotel in the Maldives, Conrad Rangali Island Maldives Hotel. The room is usually a restaurant, but has been converted to a bedroom for their 5 year anniversary. I doubt I would have been able to sleep there, I'd spend all night watching the fish and worrying about the glass breaking. I would love to go there and eat in the room when it's a restaurant though.
Money isn't everything, but I sure wouldn't mind winning loads and loads of money, just so that I could travel and see the world, while staying at luxury hotels or cozy inns.


....Petty Witter said...

I was wondering what you would do with x. Like you I couldn't have slept in this room - I think with all that water around me I'd be wanting the toilet all night.

Leslie said...

That is gorgeous!!!! I can't even imagine sleeping there.


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