Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ants, ants and more ants!!

One of the things people don't really tell you about Australia is how many ants there are!

They're everywhere!

I'm not scared of ants or anything, and I don't really mind them. As long as they stay outside!

The last week there has been loads of ants inside the house, which is driving me potty! People keep telling me that when the ants come inside that means it's going to rain... It's been sunny and close to 30 degrees all week!

The thing that really bugs (no pun intended) me with having the ants inside is that I keep thinking the house must be filthy! So I've had two "OCD-attacks" this week, the second one today. I was close to getting the toothbrush out to make sure that it was clean between the tiles just so that the ants would go away. It wasn't so bad after I'd cleaned the floors, and taken both bins out. I probably hoovered up a couple of hundred ants as well. But they started to come back in again, not as many as before, but still. I just had to walk away from where they were coming in to calm down. If not I would probably still be cleaning.

So if you find this by Googling "Things to know about Australia", "Facts about Australia", or anything else that brings you here, just know:


That's one of the things people don't tell you about Australia....

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