Sunday, 6 November 2011

Haircut and animals

Sorry about the lack of posts this week guys!

On Wednesday I had an extra day off. It was The Boy's first birthday so The Mother took the day off work, meaning I got the day off. So I went to a shopping centre nearby(ish) for some retail therapy. It's one of Australia's biggest shopping centres and I've only been there twice before but never had a proper look around. Chermside it's called. Anyway.

I had a nice day, I had a proper bra-fitting for the first time in my life, got a couple of new clothes, a Christmas present, a new diary and a haircut. I've not gotten my hair cut in ages! My hair is really thick, and it had gotten quite long, so it was rather heavy. I always regret it when I have a hair cut though so I told them I still wanted it below my shoulders. When I told the hairdresser how "short" I wanted it she asked if I was sure... I wasn't, but it's only hair right, it grows back out again, so I got her to cut it. And also thin it out a bit. I'm seriously not kidding when I say my hair is think, hairdressers (and other people) always comment on it.

When I was finished I looked at the floor. LOADS of hair! But I just thought it was because my hair was so thick. Then I got The Mother to take a picture of it when I got home. I had also taken a picture the same morning because I was planning to get a haircut in the near future. It was quite a bit shorter, I don't think I had quite realized how long my hair had actually gotten!
And no, I did not dye it, it's just the different light or something..

While I don't regret my haircut this time (must be because it's still below shoulder length), I still want to grow it long again. But this time I will get it trimmed and thinned out regularly so that it's lighter and healthier.

I went to see The Paramedic again yesterday.... Hmmmm... I'm going to TRY no to invest too much emotion in that, not get too emotionally involved, not yet anyway, I'll have to see how it goes first. I'll give him a few more chances, he's difficult to read.

Today we went to Australia Zoo again. Last time we went we got some tickets with free entry until Christmas so we went today to see the new Africa part of the zoo.
It was okay. The cheetahs were being checked up by the vet or something so we didn't get to see them, and the only other animals they had were the zebras, rhinoceroses and giraffes. It was still cool to see those animals of course, but I think I expected more the way they had been going on about it.

Only thing missing from this picture is a baboon holding a lion cub...
After we saw the Africa part we had a little wander through the "regular" part of the zoo.

At one point while we were walking through the zoo there was a lizard following me! I think lizards are really cool, but I have to say this one freaked me out a little bit. At first it would run towards me when I had my back turned and freeze as soon as I looked at it. But then it just didn't care anymore and came straight towards us. Turned out it was chasing another, smaller, lizard though.
After we had walked around Australia Zoo for a while we went to Melaney for lunch. Very cute little place, reminded me a little bit of Kuranda, it had the same hippey-y feel about it.

After Melaney we went to Gerrard Lookout. Very beautiful view.

So that's pretty much what's happened this week, other than work. Hope you all have an amazing week next week!


....Petty Witter said...

What lovely thick hair you have and it looks lovely both long and not quite so long.

I could sit on my hair until I was 11 when I had it cut into a chin lenngth bob - drastic I admit but I loved it, it was my mam who sat and cried.

Anonymous said...

Cool pics Lilly! Nice to meet you!


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