Sunday, 27 November 2011

It will hopefully be better now...

Sorry about being so quiet lately.

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and to top it off my laptop was throwing a wobbly, so I decided to only use it for short periods of time to check my e-mails and FB just in case it decided to die on me.

I had a look at getting my laptop fixed, it seemed like there was just a loose component or something as the picture would go all weird, but everything still worked. And also I figured that I shouldn't waste my money on a new one now that I'm travelling anyway. I went and talked to someone about it and they said it would probably be around $200 to fix it.

The laptop was a shitty cheap one that only cost maybe twice that, the keyboard wasn't working properly and neither was the mouse-pad buttons. So in the end I decided to just go and buy a new laptop (also because I'm a tech-nerd). I got some money for my birthday the other week and it would be enough to get a new one, hopefully not as crappy as the last one.

So yesterday I was running around Chermside shopping centre (NOT fun this close to Christmas, too many people! I'm glad I'm done with all my Christmas shopping!) trying to find a new one. I finally found one, well I found two, but one didn't have a DVD drive so I went with the other one. It was even less than what I was planning to spend and the shop assistant said it was a good laptop as well. I asked if they had it in stock, he said yes, one brand new one left, went into the store room to get it, only to realize it was on lay-by for someone.

When I've decided on something, especially electronic stuff, I have decided, I will rarely settle for something different. The shop-assistant said that I could order it online, it would take 5-7 working days to arrive, but at least I would get the laptop I wanted. So I thanked him and went home. I wasn't too happy about having to wait so long, but at least I had saved my files from my old laptop just in case it totally died on me.

When I got online it turned out that they don't do home deliveries on the laptop I wanted.... Typical. But they did have it in stock at another shopping centre nearby. I politely asked The Mother if she could take me to that shopping centre, which luckily she would, I booked the laptop online before we went (just in case) and it was there waiting for me when we got to the shop. YAY!!

So I am now the owner of my first Acer laptop. So far it seems good. It's a lot quicker than my old one, but that might be because I've not installed a thousand and ten things on it yet. It's strange having to get used to a new keyboard and mouse pad, but I'll get there.

I had to name my laptop when I set it up. Seeing as Kaby's Bob died, I had to give the name a second chance.

Please don't die on me Bob!!


Kaby said...

That seems kind of poetic that Bob lives on. I hope he gives you years of solid performance. You sound you had as much drama getting him as I did mine, but hopefully he is now drama free. ROBERT is very happy Bob lives.

....Petty Witter said...

Great to know that I'm not the only one to give inanimate objects names. Our laptop is also an Acer.


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