Saturday, 12 November 2011

Like nails on a blackboard!

I went with the mother to the chiropractor today, because last time she went he had told her to bring someone in case he needed an extra pair of hands. Let me tell you, it made me try a lot harder to look after my own back and neck! Bad backs are in my family, so I should be careful with it anyway. But seeing what actually happens at the chiropractor's? Urgh!

You know how some people find the sound of nails on a blackboard really irritating? For some people it can be something else, like whistling or a knife against a plate, etc.

When the chiropractor grabbed The Mothers head and turned it quickly, (you know what I'm talking about? Looked like he was going to kill her by twisting her neck to the side!) I didn't like that at all!!! The sound, the way it looked... No thank you! That's actually the main reason I want to try and take better care of my neck and back now.

Of course all the other things about having a bad back and isn't good either, but that was my main thing. I don't want anybody to do that to my neck!! Just looking at it made shivers go down my spine and I felt a bit nauseated.

I should probably have my back checked though at some point, as however much I might hate that neck-twisting, it's better to try and fix it than for it to just get worse and worse. I might book an appointment when I go back to Norway.

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Kaby said...

I used to be the same - seemed like medieval torture - until my spine went into spasm and I was paralysed for a few days - changed my thinking totally. I promise you it only looks bad - it doesn't hurt and you feel such looseness and freedom afterwards. And if you get a good chiro, you're not stuck there for life, they fix you up and if you exercise well and take care, you don't have to go back for years and years.


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