Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dancing in red shoes will kill you

Dancing in red shoes will kill you
By: Dorian Cirrone

Outer back cover: Kayla Callaway has prima ballerina grace and something else that most ballerinas don’t have; a full figure. Her heart is set on a future in dance. Unfortunately, her proportions just got her cast as an ugly stepsister in Florida Arts High School’s production of Cinderella. Kayla’s disappointment maker her a prime suspect when the dance troupe receives a string of threatening messages.

Interesting book about a girl that doesn’t fit the mould; a ballerina with a pair of double D’s. Although I am no ballerina, always having had big breasts myself I could understand some of Kayla’s thoughts about her double D’s, many of the thoughts she had, I have had too.

Having been a ballerina herself, I am guessing that Cirrone knows what she is talking about. There is some rivalry in the troupe, not “Black Swan” bad, but suitable for young teens and over. It’s also a good book about how women are supposed to fit into a mould that society creates and how that mould can be different depending on the time and place. Young teens reading this will hopefully understand that they don’t need to fit into what society wants.

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