Sunday, 19 February 2012


By: Ingrid Law

Outer back cover: “My Savvy hadn’t come along yet. But I was only two days away from my very own thirteen dripping candles.”
For Mibs Beaumont’s family, the day of their thirteenth birthday could be an adventure or a disaster.
It’s when they get their savvy – an extra-special talent and know-how.
Her brother Rocket is Mr Electric, he can send static shocks from the other side of the room, just for fun…
But on Mibs’s special day, their poppa is in a coma in hospital and she has to reach him.
The only way to get there is on the pink Bible bus, so, adventure or disaster, Mibs is getting on that bus.
And who could guess what might happen then?

A book for young teens, but I really liked it. I used to love hoping and imagining that I would get some sort of magic powers or something as I grew up, and so the book reminded me of that in a very nice and funny way. I would have absolutely loved it and read it over and over again had I been a young teenager! (Okay, I can do that now as well!)

It’s funny to read about how Mibs messes things up a little bit because she doesn’t want to acknowledge her real savvy in a way to begin with, but that’s what starts the whole adventure.  Because she thinks she can help her poppa in a way nobody else can she sneaks on the pink Bible bus which she thinks is going to Salina, where the hospital is. Four other kids also sneak on with her, but when the bus turns left instead of right, north instead of south, that’s when the adventure really starts!

The book was sad, funny and a little bit romantic. I loved reading about Mibs’ family, and I think it would have been interesting to read even more about them. It would have been fun with a whole book series about the Beaumont family! How each family member deal with getting their savvy etc.

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