Sunday, 5 February 2012

Melbourne - Day 3 and 4

Day 3

A boring start to the day: I decided to sit down and charge my phone all the way up. At least it gave me some time to answer my e-mails and post some of my Melbourne pictures to Facebook.

After my phone was fully charged for the first time since Canberra I wandered around town for a few hours. I started with taking the free tourist shuttle to Queen Victoria Market, which was starting to close up when I got there. I bought a couple of plums and then I just started randomly walking down a road. I did ask a police officer that I walked past if I was heading towards the city centre, just to make sure I wouldn’t end up too far away, and I was. Once I knew that and I noticed a street I recognised I knew how to get back to my hostel, but I didn’t want to go there yet so I turned left and right down some random streets. My sense of direction is quite good, so I didn’t get LOST.

Anyway. I came across some alleys with some street art; some was being made as I was watching. It’s amazing how good some people are, and it’s really nice that they’ve got somewhere to do it. It should be like this in all cities, because when it’s done properly it can look really nice!

 My friend Mai had been on a wine tasting tour all day, and when she got back we bought a cake and some wine to celebrate her birthday. We sat in her hostel at first, where we met a couple of guys who, when we had finished our wine, we went out to Melbourne Central with for a couple more drinks. This is one thing I really like about hostels; you meet so many new people and so many nice people. Everybody is a potential friend.
Wine in mugs... We're just SO classy!

Day 4 – Luna, Kevin and Antonio!

Today is the day I’m meeting Luna and her daddies Antonio and Kevin. They are the first people (and dog) who I only know from the blog world that I’m actually meeting face-to-face. I “met” Kevin over a year ago through his blog “52 Characters in Search for a Script”, which he’s sadly not writing on anymore. When I got twitter we followed each other on there and then when he and his partner Antonio started a blog for their dog Luna, “Luna,A Dog’s Life…”, I started reading that. When I decided to come to Melbourne I asked if they would like to meet up, and they did!

As I was meeting them a little bit outside Melbourne I had to get a train ticket. I am so used to using my go-card in Brisbane it’s a bit strange having to get an actual ticket. As I was sitting on the train I realized that Kevin, who was picking me up, doesn’t know what I look like! I figured that I would see him when I got off, but just in case it was busy and I didn’t spot him I sent him a tweet telling him what I was wearing.  I needn’t have worried, I knew him as soon as I saw him.

Kevin took me back to their house, it was really strange to meet someone I’ve only known online, but he’s a nice guy. When we got to his and Antonio’s house I got to meet Antonio and the famous Luna as well. Both very nice! Luna was very friendly and jumping up on me and giving me kisses, I’m glad she isn’t a Doberman or something big and heavy like that! Haha! 
Antonio and Kevin left Luna at home in the back garden and we drove into the city and went to the aquarium. Antonio even paid for my ticket! Thank you again for that! They had penguins at the aquarium, I think they just want to make more money after the Happy Feet movies, but then again they probably got some new things after the Finding Nemo movie as well.  But it was cool to see them anyway, except for the penguins in St Kilda, I have never seen penguins before, not that I can remember anyway.

 There were loads of pretty, funny, weird and some ugly fishes at the aquarium.

Spider crab! Yuck!
 After the aquarium we crossed the river to Crown Casino. Antonio was dying for a coffee! The Crown casino is one of those places you can tell is really expensive as soon as you step inside. They had a decoration for the Chinese New Year that was really nice. The picture doesn't do it justice!
 We had some (non-alcoholic)drinks, again I didn’t have to pay my own way! THANK YOU!  And then Kevin and Antonio walked me to my hostel before they went to one of their friend’s birthday party.
 I really enjoyed my day with Kevin, Antonio and Luna. It was strange in the beginning because we don’t really know each other, but after we got over the initial “awkwardness” or what I should call it, I had a really nice time.

In the evening I met up with Mai and the guys from last night again. We had some of Mai’s left over birthday cake and just sat at her hostel and chatted for a few hours.

To be continued...

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