Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Going back early..?

The longer I stay in Brisbane the more I'm ready to go home and start a new adventure...

I think that after I've worked for the family again I need to go straight to another place. Maybe that will help. Maybe not. Maybe I should just hurry up and see the parts of Australia that I really want to see and then go back a few months before the plan...?

I love travelling, but I don't like this life. I don't like not having a home. It might be just restlessness. Being in one place too long without working. Knowing my money will run out.

Maybe I'll feel better when I start travelling again, but I don't know. I don't think so. But I will see everything that I planned to see before I leave!


And maybe Tasmania. Actually, yes! Tasmania! I will be kicking myself if I don't go there now that I'm actually on this side of the planet!

It would be nice to say that I did a whole year in Australia, but why kid myself that I want to be here when my head and my heart is somewhere else most of the time?

The plan was to stop in Kuala Lumpur and Rome on the way back to Norway. If I leave earlier I will have to see if I can change my tickets and bookings. It will be a shame to waste all that money. If I can't change the flights I will have to choose whether to waste the money and book new ones (if I can't get the money back if I cancel them), or just wait in a country I don't really want to be in any more...

I need to make a few calls...

I need to have a few conversations...

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Kaby said...

Wow. I'm older than you and live here and still haven't seen Tasmania. I told myself in my youth to see NZ - it was Tasmania on steroids - and I did a few times, but now, I want Tasmania. Do it all, Lilly, do it all.


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