Friday, 2 March 2012

Tattoo #2

Well as I said in one of my Melbourne posts I got a tattoo while I was there. I got it at Fox Body Art. Here is a picture of the original. I did ask the tattoo artist to cut off the top half of that really long swirly thing, and then he drew a new one that would look better on my hip, which I agreed on the design on.

I had put some numbing cream on before I went to get the tattoo. Like on my first tattoo, since the design changed, part of it was outside the area with the numbing gel. That hurt! I’m glad I had numbing gel on at least part of the area, I couldn’t feel a thing there, it actually tickled a bit. Anyway. I was lifting my head occasionally and looking at what the tattoo was looking like, one of those times I noticed he was making a mistake; he was filling in the swirly bits.
Me: Are you filling it in?
Tattoo Artist: Yes.
Me: …. It wasn’t supposed to be.
TA: It was on the original.
Me: No it wasn’t, it was just outlined and the heart was filled in except for the bottom swirl.

The tattoo artist did say he was sorry and asked if I wanted him to only outline the heart, but I told him to just fill it in, so that it would match the rest. I wasn’t too happy that he filled it in, I had actually thought that I should say when I was getting it to not fill it in, but I totally forgot on the day. And also I figured he would follow the original picture. I didn’t want it filled in because that way it’s a lot “lighter”, it’s not as “heavy” as when it’s full colour. But at least it wasn’t a major mistake, and it still looks good. So I can live with it.
 (The tattoo is not getting smaller at the top by the way, it was just a bit hard to take a picture of my own hip... )

I had paid $55 in deposit, which went towards the tattoo. When I was going to pay it was another $70!! It’s so expensive! I can’t believe it! The one I got in England was only £30! I kind of wish I had pointed out he made a mistake on something that is going to be on my body permanently and see if I could pay less because of it, and I probably should have, but I just wanted to get back to the hostel and lie down for a bit. It was really weird to walk right after I got it since it’s on my hip I could feel it every time I moved my feet.

Now for the meaning of it. It’s a heart, so you can probably guess it has something to do with love. And you’re right. It’s to remind me to not be scared to love, to take chances. Things may not work out, and I might get upset, but if I don’t take a chance then nothing will ever happen. And no, it’s not got anything to do with The Paramedic, I would not get a permanent mark on my body because of ONE guy. He just fits into the reason, but so will any person that I have a relationship with.

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Kaby said...

I like it. I always wanted just one small monochromatic tattoo on my left hip - a dragonfly. Dragonflies are my thing. I got as far as a tattoo artist's door in Vancouver - with a guy who was committing to a life with me - we were both going to do this thing together. He chickened out and it didn't feel the same just me doing it, so I've put it off for a while. Thank goodness probably seeing as how the relationship didn't go where we thought it would. Maybe it's time.......


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