Sunday, 18 March 2012


I love salads. I will often eat them for dinner. Today I had one for my breakfast. As well as a leftover pizza slice, but the salad makes the fat in that disappear so it doesn't count.
In this salad I put lettuce, cucumber, carrot, apple, orange, pineapple, corn kernels and plum. So it was a mix between a normal salad and a fruit salad. It was very nice and I even have some left over that I can have for my lunch or dinner later.

One of the first times I made a chicken salad for my host family, and I put apples and oranges in it, they were really surprised because they wouldn't have thought of putting that in a salad, but they liked it.

Before I turned vegetarian I would put chicken in my dinner salads, but now I put an egg or two in instead.

A lot of people have a kind of set ingredient list of what can go into a salad, but really, anything can be put into a salad. Things I have put in one before include egg, cheese, capsicum, broccoli, grapes and cauliflower. Many of you will probably say I forgot about tomatoes, which most people put in a salad, but I don't like tomatoes so I will put it in for other people but not myself. The other day we also roasted some sweet potatoes, courgette and beetroot and put that in a salad, which was surprisingly nice. Any fruit or veggies that I have on hand and feel like eating I will throw into a salad.

What do you like in your salads?

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