Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Golden Keel

The Golden Keel
By: Desmond Bagley

Outer back cover: The Lure of Gold...
Mussolini's missing treasure - three million pounds of it - lies hidden in Italy. A group of adventurers sets sail to track down the treasure and smuggle it out. But how?
There are many enemies along the route - murderous ex-partisans, ruthless titles beauties, gangster smugglers - all of whom will stop at nothing for a chance to hi-jack a fortune...

I din't think I would like this book, I only picked it up because it was one of the few books in English in the hostel book bin, but it was actually really good and I read the whole thing in one day. Partly because I didn't have anything else to do, but also because it was so exciting I had trouble putting it down.

The group of adventurers that first set out to get the treasure are all very different and it's interesting to see how they get along. My favourite character was probably Coertze, just trying to figure him out was hard, there seemed to be so many layers to him.

Inside the book I found a label saying it was registered at I think that's a great idea and I think I'll register and print out some of those labels when I'm back with the family, since BookCrossing includes the whole world and not just the UK like the Guardian Book swap. I have registered that I've read it on the website and I'll put it back in the hostel book bin so that someone else can read it.

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