Saturday, 24 March 2012


The book I recently read "Sex Life" made me think of my own thought about other people's sexuality.

My parents are both open minded, and although we don't talk much about it I know they are both open-minded to any type of sexuality, and I'm happy because it means that as far as I can remember I have never been judgemental of other people's sexual choices (as long as they're not doing something bad like raping anyone etc.)

I was a young teenager when I saw a program about trans-gender people, I hadn't even heard about it before then. I found it interesting that someone could feel like they were trapped in the wrong body, and I felt sorry for them and hoped that they could get surgery if they wanted for free. I know that people can get sex-change surgery covered in England. I think they probably have to go to psychiatrists and stuff to make sure it's what they really want first, but I think it's nice that they can get help to make the change they feel they need.

Same sex marriage was legalised in Norway 1st of January 2009. I can remember reading and hearing a lot about how some people thought it would be okay for same sex marriage in registrars' offices and such, but they didn't want them to be allowed to get married in a church! And I remember thinking: Why? Why don't they already have the same rights as everyone else? Why can't they be allowed to marry wherever they want to? They are two people in love, just like everyone else!

People can't decide who they love, it just happens. And in a way I almost envy bisexuals, they have a lot more choice.
A narrow-minded straight person can only date a straight person from the opposite sex,
An open-minded straight person can date straight and bisexual people of the opposite sex,
But a bisexual person can date a straight and bisexual person of the opposite sex, and a homosexual and bisexual person of the same sex as long as they're open minded.

I don't like narrow-mindedness. People are allowed their own opinion of course, but how you express that opinion is what defines you.

Who are we to be judgemental just because someone makes different choices to us, and feel differently to us?

What are your opinions on Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans-genders?


Kaby said...

I think it's not just sexuality narrow-mindednessthat is damaging, it's narrow-mindedness generally that is killing our people. There seem to be so many people who cannot value and respect that other people may be different, have different values, think differently, behave differently, make different choices. Isn't this what is at the heart of all war?

Lilly said...

I completely agree with you Kaby!
I just wanted to write one post about the sexuality narrow-mindedness instead of just general narrow-mindedness, but any kind of narrow-mindedness is bad, I have to save something for future posts as well! Haha!


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