Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ladies Night - Oh what a night!

Some friends and I went on a ladies night last night at North Leagues and Service Club in Kallangur outside Brisbane (Their cheesy garlic bread is to die for!). The Sydney Hotshots were preforming. For those of you who don't know who that is (like me before I got my invitation to the girls night), they're male dancers... That just happen to take their clothes off...

I have never been to a show with male strippers before, or female strippers for that matter. It wasn't actually that good. I found it mostly awkward, but maybe that was because I didn't drink much as I haven't been feeling well for a few days. Some ladies in the audience got pulled up on stage and got to kind of dance with the men or help them take their clothes off. I'm sure glad I wasn't among those ladies. Don't get me wrong it was a fun night and a good laugh and it was nice to do something other than just going for dinner or to the pub for a drink or whatever. The guys weren't that great though to be honest. Nice bodies, but I think at least 2 of them (there was only 4) were new and the times they preformed together they kept looking at the other guys for what to do. The Mother, which was one of the ladies I went with said that she'd seen them before when they were much better.

Part of me would like to go see a show like that again, when I've had a bit more to drink and when the show is hopefully better, just to see what's that like, but another part of me doesn't really want to as I feel uncomfortable seeing people take their clothes off. And yet another reason I'm not sure I want to see another one: the guys only stripped down to a thong so you never saw their gear, I don't really get the point as I can just go to a beach or whatever to see that.

But it was a good laugh. Until one of the girls passed out sick in the ladies room. She was okay, she had someone to drive her home. I don't get the point of drinking that much though. Drinking so much that you're sick when you get home, fair enough, but being sick while you're still out? You're just ruining the night, not just for other but for yourself as well. I don't understand teenagers who judge the greatness of the night out by how sick they were.

Another one of the girls was sick in the car on the way home... Yuck! She didn't even say anything. Luckily the girl that was driving had noticed that she didn't look very well and opened the window. Then one of the other girls asked if she was feeling sick and she said yes, but then she was sick straight away before the driver could pull over. Some of it got inside the car.. Eurgh! TM was kind enough to deal with it and clean it up. Mostly because the rest of us is no go dealing with spew. The girls that threw up did give the girl driving some money though as she felt really bad about it. What I don't understand though is why she didn't shout out for the driver to pull over when she felt she was going to be sick!? It might be embarrassing, but as she probably now knows it's even more embarrassing to be sick in someone's car.

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Leslie said...

As much fun is it is to go out ... the hangovers and regrets suck. I bet your friend is hating life this morning.
I am not a big fan of male strippers.. I am far from a prude.. I just like my men with clothes. A great male review is lunch time, in the city.. with all of those suits, ties and loafers. Hot stuff!!!!! lol
have a great day.


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