Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Have you seen those statues on Facebook that some people post? Something like:

I'm cleaning out my friend list, if you're a real friend then comment/like this, 
if not I'll take the hint and delete you. 

Shouldn't the people you've got on your friends be your real friends to begin with? I don't understand people that add anyone just because they want to seem popular. And anyway, the people that put this as their status doesn't usually delete any of their friends anyway, so why put it up there in the first place? I've never commented or liked one of those statuses. I won't be bullied into keeping a friend.

I have 130 friends on Facebook. And proud of it. Most of these are either family, friends I've known since before Facebook came along, people I went to school with and people I've worked with. Out of the people that I've worked or gone to school with, I've only added the ones that are actually my friends, I don't add people I don't want to spend time with outside of school/work.

I have been friend requested by people that bullied me in school, people I don't know, people that know some of my friends and people that I might be related to but have never met. I usually don't accept them. Why should I accept people I don't actually know or like. I don't see the point. The thing is they hardly ever write why they friend request me. Why do they want to be my friend on Facebook but not in real life?

The video I've put in this post almost made me want to delete my Facebook account. I won't though, because for me Facebook is a nice and easy way to keep in touch with family and friends, and show them what's going on in my life. Especially when I'm living abroad.

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