Sunday, 16 January 2011


I saw an article today about  a road sign, it's here (Norwegian) if you'd like to read it.

I think the sign is really funny, what makes it even funnier is that it's very close to a prison, which I guess is why they've put a ball and chain on it. The road traffic department says they're not going to press charges. Luckily they have a sense of humour, occasionally. Personally I think they should just leave it like that, but that's against regulation.

I think one of the reasons they're not pressing charges just because they're in the process of changing the signs anyway.

I don't like the new signs, it's just stick figures. They're supposed to be gender neutral, but just to be difficult I don't think they are: the stick figures are all men. They're all wearing trousers and hasn't got any breasts. I think the old signs were a lot nicer, and: there were both man and women featured on them.

Here are the old and the new signs, which ones do you prefer?

Pedestrian crossing:



Another reason why they're changing the signs is so that they will be easier to read, and because they want them to be more like the rest of Europe. I think it's just charming that they're different, as long as they're understandable I don't see the problem.

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