Saturday, 1 January 2011

My 2010

My flatmate wanted to move back home as a way to save money, and I decided I wanted to go to Australia and therefore would have to move back to Norway. We were both happy the other one of us wouldn't have to go looking for a new flatmate or anything when our lease ended in May.
I haven't got any photos for this month as I broke my camera in October 2009 while on Holiday in Marmaris, Turkey, and it took me a while to get a new one.

I started sending some of my things to Norway as there was no way I would have room for it all in my suitcase. My online search or a job in Norway started.
I got a new camera, but all my February/March photos are of people so I don't want to publish them.

We finally had a Christmas party at work, the first one in the two years I worked there. We went bowling, which I love, and I managed to throw the ball behind me for the first time ever. Typical.
A hot air balloon flew right past my flat.

I had a couple of leaving do's with work and friends and got very drunk several times, before I moved to Norway.
Even though I still wanted to live in the UK, it was nice to see my family and friends in Norway again. And I went hiking with my mum for the first time.
The cake I got for my leaving do at work
The view from my first mother-daughter hike.
Our cat, Asterix, enjoying the sunshine.

I went on several more hikes with my mum, great exercise, loads of fresh air, and free. My legs were shaking after some of the hikes, when we had gone on a very long one or up a very steep mountain.
I arranged a hen-do for my friend, which was tricky as it had to be in a Trondheim, which I'm not very familiar with, but it turned out ok.

Hiking again. I told myself I was going to keep hiking as it's such great exercise, which obviously mean I've hardly been hiking since.
I was the maid of honour/Chief bridesmaid in my finds wedding, along with her sister. I still can't really believe she's actually married.
The Jazz festival in Molde took place as it does every summer and I went and was disappointed at how rubbish it has become, like most years I've been there.
Home made Oreo Wedding Cake, which I helped decorate.

Molde Jazz Festival

Jazz Festival
I went to Turkey with my family, you can read more about that HERE.
My legs desperately trying to get a tan

I started this blog, applied to a university in Australia, read loads of books, went to my cousins 3rd birthday party and booked a ticked to London for November. Oh! And saw a triple rainbow! Which I have to admit even I was impressed by.

Can you see that there's three rainbows there? You might have to enlarge it.
Got accepted to Griffith University Australia, I gave myself a headache thinking about how to get the financial support and I went to my cousins christening. Also, the snow came.

Think I might have a dandruff problem?

Asterix doesn't like visitors.
Went to London and wanted to move back to the UK, became best pals with a Hyde Park squirrel and finished all my Christmas shopping while I was in London.

Got "locked out" of my phone and had to get a new one, enjoyed(ish) celebrating Christmas with my family for the first time in three years, got a ukulele, went to a Lutefisk party and met some Kiwis and bought a new fabulous handbag with a gift certificate I got for Christmas from work. I have to say, a lot of the time, money and gift certificates are the best gifts as you can get whatever you want with them.

So that was my 2010. Did you have a nice year?


Kevin Newman said...

Looks like a wonderful year!! :)

Hopefully this year is just as amazing!

Alwayzbakin said...

Wow. Your life sounds very exciting! Looks like it was a wonderful year. Happy New Year!

Lilly said...

I hope so too Kevin, thank you :)

I've not really thought of my life as very exciting before, but thank you Alwaysbakin.
Happy New Year to you too :)


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