Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Michael McIntyre

I do believe Michael McIntyre might be my favourite comedian ever! Does anybody else like him? I bought his DVD: "Hello Wembley" a while ago and I'm watching it again, and I'm laughing so hard there are tears streaming down my face and my tummy hurts. Which in my eyes is one of life's feel good moments, it's nice to feel that happy. Even if it's only because of a DVD.

One of my friends is going to see Peter Kay at the end of the month, he's another comedian that I like, and I'm really jealous. I've never been to see any comedians live, I've only watched them on telly on programmes like "Live at the Appollo". I hope I get the opportunity to see one live sometime, preferably a good one.

I think everybody should have a DVD with a comedian that they like, that way, even if you're having a crap day, you can just sit down with that DVD and it will make you smile. Laughter is good for you you know, you even burn calories when laughing so it's a fun way to lose weight!

Who's your favourite comedian?

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