Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fingers crossed...

I walked to a nearby shopping centre today that consists mostly of big warehouse-type shops, or manly men shops as I sometimes think of them, and handed in a few of my covering letters and CVs.

In one shop I met the manager, who din't smile at me at all to begin with. He started reading my covering letter and CV right there and asked me a couple of questions but mostly he was just quiet. It made me really nervous. Then he finally gave me a smile and told me he would look closer at my  later and give me a call.

At the last place I handed in my covering letter,XXL, they actually have a job advertised. I talked to an employee first who told me that they recommended that I just apply online, but I asked to see the manager anyway just so that he could see me since that's usually a positive thing. Then when I met the manager he actually gave me a mini-interview! I never know what to say at interviews and it was even worse when I wasn't really prepared at all so I was very nervous and I didn't think I went very well...

I'm going back on Friday morning for a try-out!!!

The position is Monday to Friday 6am-11am/noon, just to get the store ready before opening. The shop is only half an hour walk away but I think I might get the bus there in the mornings, especially in the winters when it's dark in the mornings, but it will be a nice way to get some exercise every day. But before I get too ahead of myself I just need to impress them on Friday.

Wish me luck!

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