Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A small rest...

Today I printed out some application letters and CVs at my dad's work. It's been about 10 years since the last time I visited his work and it's really changed, but it was nice to meet a couple of the people that I met back then again.

I walked around the city to about 50 places and handed in my CV and letter. Out of the fifty, 12 of them wouldn't take my CV because they either didn't have anything available until the autumn or they only took applications online. But 38 applications in one day is still quite good in my book. I've also got a few that I'm going to deliver tomorrow.
One of the places I visited didn't have a position available on their web-page but when I walked in and asked if they had anything the manager said yes. It just proves that you shouldn't always only apply online, or  get discouraged if they don't have anything online. That manager also put a smiley face on my application because I smiled when I came into the shop to see her. Sounds promising....

I am hopeful that I am going to get something. One of the Body Shop shops wants someone part-time for the summer and I've already got some experience from the Body Shop at Home in England, so I'm hoping I might get that, it's only part-time but at least it's something.
In another place I went in there was only one girl in there working. Only she wasn't really working... She went to one of the mirrors and started checking herself out. So I thought that I would wait until she finished with asking her if the manager was there... I think she stood in front of the mirror just looking at herself and touching her face for a full minute! This turned out to be one of those places that didn't have a position available and also I had to apply online. I felt like saying I could just swap with her since she didn't seem to care about customers anyway.

After all of today's and yesterday's walking I can really feel it in my legs, shoulders and neck, I've also got a big blister on the side of my right heel. I am now having a small sit down before I am going to one of my aunts to deliver a pair of trousers she's going to shorten for me (12cm!) and then I am going to one of my other aunt's for dinner afterwards. I'm a busy bee today!

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