Friday, 22 June 2012

One week in...

Well, I'm one week into the new job, and I have to say, so far so good.

It's weird though. In a way it doesn't quite feel real. It feels very temporary, as if I'm just going to be there a few weeks or something. I don't know, maybe I've felt like that with all my jobs when I've just started. Maybe it's because I'm so focused on the fact that I'm only working to save up money for America and then move back to the UK. I shouldn't feel this way though since I'm still going to work there for about a year, which is how long most of my jobs lasts before I decide to move on to something new.

The job is nice though. I have to get up early which doesn't bother me, I usually wake up early anyway. There's ALWAYS something to do, so time moves fast and since I finish early I still got the day to myself.

But having the whole day to myself is also a bit boring. I don't know that many people in Oslo except for a couple of my aunts. I don't have anyone in Oslo I consider a close friend. I think I might see if there are any nice gyms or something nearby once I get my first pay-check. It would be nice to have something to do during the day as well. Right now all I do is go home and sit in front of the telly. Once I get my first pay I'll be able to see what I can afford and I'll see if I can find anything interesting to do during the day.

I'm the only girl on my team, the storage team. It's quite nice. A lot less gossip and trash-talking than what you get with women. More talk about football and stuff that I don't know much about though. The guys are really nice and I really do feel part of the team, I don't feel like they're treating me differently because I'm a girl or anything. I have wondered if maybe I got the job just because I'm female though (not that I mind) because I guess storage work is a job mostly dominated by men. I don't really understand why though. There is some heavy lifting but I think it's only twice so far that I had to ask someone to help me lift something, but those things were so heavy I doubt even most men couldn't lift them on their own.

Anyway. I'm enjoying it so far and I hope the "temporarity feeling" goes away soon. I probably just need to work there a little bit longer so that I kind of get used to it.

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