Sunday, 24 June 2012

A new favourite song

I was reading a post on Su's blog "The Journal of a Girl who Loves to Cook" today and she had posted a song by Jason Mraz that I'd never heard before called I won't give up. 

I've never heard it before, but I really liked it. The version on Su's blog was one with lyrics, and I liked it. Espcially since sometimes when you listen to a song you don't always get what all the words are, they can get a bit blurred or they're sung too quickly. Anyway. I loved the lyrics and I loved the video they made with the lyrics. I also looked up the official music video on YouTube afterwards, I liked that one as well, I'm not sure which one is my favourite.

First the Official music video....

Here's the Lyrics video...
Which one is your favourite? Have you heard the song before?

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