Saturday, 16 June 2012

Getting political

In Norway we have compulsory military service for the men. They get called in for a session, I think it's the year they turn 18 or 19, they have a physical test or something and if they're fit enough and everything, they have to go into the military/navy/whatever.

A few years ago they also started sending out the letter to call people in for a session to the girls, but the girls can choose if they want to go into the military or not, they just send the letter out to kind of try and make more girls choose to go into the military I guess.

A few days ago I was listening on the morning news, and this guy was saying that he wants to introduce compulsory military service for women as well! The guy that was talking about it was saying that in 2012 it shouldn't be mandatory for one sex and not the other.

Fair enough, it should be fair to both sexes now that women are liberated and all that I guess, but I've always been against the compulsory military service anyway. I don't think people should be forced to do a job where they might get killed! Just look at the U.K. for example, their military is massive, but it consists of people that have actually chosen to join. And I think the same thing would happen here. I think people would still join the military even if it was optional.

When I read in a U.K. paper (or any other country that has OPTIONAL military service) that some military person was killed in battle in Iraq or somewhere, I feel sorry for the person, but at the same time I think that this person knew what they were risking by joining the military, and I don't understand that people get so angry that someone in the military was killed. Yes, it's horrible, but it was their job, it's something they chose to do, they shouldn't be shocked that a soldier dies, do they not know what happens in wars?

When I read about a military death in a Norwegian paper (or any other country with COMPULSORY military service) I can understand the anger. A person that was forced to risk their life for their country when they might not have wanted to has died. I feel a bit more sorry for them.

So I think that they should make military service optional for everyone. They can do like the U.K. and put ads for the military on the TV, or they can keep sending out the letter for the sessions but let people choose what they want to do with it. I don't mind the letter for the sessions, many people that might not have thought about a career in the military might get it and realise that that's what they want, which I guess is why they send it to the girls now. But some girls joined before they started sending those letters out, shouldn't that prove that they don't really need to do it?

The session letter to the girls started too late for me to get one. I think it would have been fun to go in for a session. I don't think I would have wanted to join the military, but it would have been fun to go to the session just to see if I would have passed it.

What are your thoughts, and does your country have compulsory or optional military service?

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Melissa said...

The States has optional military service. Occasionally, during a war, the "draft" will be initiated and that is compulsory. The last time we had the draft was the Vietnam War, however. I can't imagine having compulsory military service.


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