Friday, 15 June 2012


Yay! I got the job at XXL, the warehouse type shop I was telling you about. I went in for a trial this morning and after we were finished with morning stock they told me I got the job if I wanted it! Since it's one of the jobs that I looked at that I actually want and didn't just apply to get some sort of job, I said yes straight away.

They pay a bit more than just minimum wage and there are a few bonus systems that makes it easy to make some more money. Since I will be working mostly before the store opens I also won't have to deal with annoying customers.

XXL is a massive shop that sells sports and wildlife stuff. I have to go in in the mornings and sort the stock out before the store opens. My hours are 6am to 11am/noon ish, depending on when everything is done. I did think about maybe getting another job for the afternoons, but since I will be earning more than minimum wage (it also goes up if I prove myself to be good), and there's bonuses, AND they said I might get more hours if I prove myself and if I want it, I think I will just stick to this one job, at least for now.

The other people that work there that I met today seems nice and I am actually looking forward to going back on Monday.

It's a good thing I'm a morning person!

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