Monday, 11 June 2012

Wish me luck!

This morning I walked in to the city with dad when he was heading to work. It took us just under an hour to walk, he usually walks to and from work every day, I might do the same if I get a job in the city.
I hope they're fixing the roof of the palace or something, because that's not a good look...
After my dad had gone to work I walked around the main parts of the city (Karl Johan and a couple of the shopping centres) and looked at what shops there were and wrote them down. A couple of them actually had a note in the window saying they need people. It was still quite early so most shops weren't open. My plan is to write applications for the places that I wrote down today (I think it's over 50!), go down with my dad to his work again tomorrow to print the applications and CVs out and then that should probably take long enough for the shops to open so that I can hand them in.
I managed to find my way back to my dad's flat, and on the way I also found a post office so now I know where to go to post my letters. I've not walked as much as I have today in a while now so I can really feel it in my hips and shoulders. I might treat myself to the bus back from the city tomorrow.

So now I am going to spend the rest of the day, first checking online to see if any of the places on my list are advertising positions, and then writing applications for all of them. It shouldn't take as long as it sounds, I've got a generic application letter that I just need to tweak a little for some of the places and then add recipients.

Time to get typing. Wish me luck!

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