Sunday, 3 June 2012

Will they stay or will they go?

A Norwegian TV program is currently filming in the place that I'm from, Vestnes. It's a reality TV program about a bus-load of girls from the city being sent to the countryside and having a look around for a few days and then maybe one or more of them decide to stay.
The girls were supposed to make an appearance in the centre of Vestnes yesterday. They filmed in another place quite close to the centre so some people people went there, but my friend and I thought we might as well stay where the shops are and wait since they were supposed to go there as well.
Loads of people were there and people had put up stalls and some of the shops had special offers and were open late (late on a Saturday here means 6pm) because of it, there was music and performances from some people and competitions, it was quite a nice day out. It was nice to see the people here making an effort and having fun. I even got to try riding a Segway for free, it was really fun, I couldn't stop smiling while I was on it.

We waited and waited for the ladies that were supposed to show up, first we were told between 10am and noon and then we were told quarter past 3pm. No ladies.

Around 4pm the two hosts from the reality show arrived, they were talking to the mayor and walking around for a bit, so we all thought the ladies would be arriving soon. I actually didn't know the two guys were the hosts. I was asking my friend if the two guys talking to the mayor were the two single ambassadors from Vestnes that were supposed to show the ladies around or what, we knew it had to be something since the cameras were on them. Then someone asked for their autographs so we realised they were the hosts.

The mayor and the two hosts
The hosts came and left and no ladies. We stayed until 6pm. I had thought about leaving sooner since I couldn't feel my legs, it was a cold day, but it seemed silly to have waited to long and then give up. But at 6pm we all left. The lady that had been "keeping us updated" never actually said "oh, I'm sorry but the ladies aren't coming after all", she just kept saying how the TV channel doing the filming hadn't updated her properly and pretty much blaming them. Which she might be right in doing, I guess the TV people can't know exactly what will happen when they're filming something like that, but it would have been nice if they just popped by for 5 minutes.

Anyway, they are supposed to be filming in the municipality (that word seems ridiculous to say in English) until the 5th so maybe I'll bump into the ladies one day, but there won't be another day like Saturday where they get a whole day dedicated to them. I actually think it's a bit rude to not just come and say hi for a minute. The TV people knew it was going on and although I realized they have to do much in a short amount of time I think they should have put it into their schedule.

Anyway, it was a nice day out, it was just a shame it was so cold (what summer?), but the people preforming were great and it was nice to see the whole community doing something together.

There was two girls dancing that were especially good and, it might just be me, but I think the blond one really looks like Taylor Swift. She has some of the same facial features.
I don't normally watch reality TV series, but I think I will have to watch the episodes featuring Vestnes this autumn. Especially to see if any of the ladies will stay or not.

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Leslie said...

Hey there. I have been having a little trouble commenting on your blog lately. Most of the time I read my blogs on the kindle fire and for some reason the your comment box doesnt show up sometimes.
That is too bad that the ladies didn't show up.. I would have been ticked, but atleast you got to enjoy some great entertainment.

I got your email.. and yes, if you visit Baltimore I would love to meet up. That would be fantastic. let me know when you find out some dates.


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