Thursday, 15 November 2012

Chesterfield Hotel

I could have stayed with friends in Chesterfield, but since I figured I would be staying out late some night I didn't want to have to wake up anyone or anything to come and go.

While I was in Chesterfield in stayed at the Chesterfield Hotel.

The hotel was nice and central, a big reason for booking it.

The hotel is quite old, which can be charming but not really in this case. The lift was really small and there were two doors to it, one which didn't open automatically, annoying when you have a big suitcase to try and squeeze in.

The room was okay, the bathroom was quite big, there was even a bathtub.

The staff was friendly. They locked the front doors at night, which of course is good security wise. I came back at around 3am one night and the doors were locked. I could ring a doorbell or a phone number to get them to let me in. I'm glad there was a doorbell as my phone was flat.

For breakfast they had the usual cereals and toast as well as fresh fruit and croissants. I could get eggs and stuff as well, but I had to pay extra for that so I didn't bother.

The sound really carried in the hotel. There was a concert or something, maybe just loud music being played one night, and even though my room was on the second floor it sounded like the music was coming from the room next door! It's a bit annoying, I realize they have events and stuff at the hotel but they should really soundproof the rooms better as people do still want to sleep when they are in a hotel.

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