Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dublin 29.10.12

I had just started going for a walk around Dublin today when suddenly I noticed a BIG group of people running through the streets, apparently the marathon was on. Some people were dressed up and everything, it was fun to watch. The marathon did make it difficult to cross the street sometimes though.

I had a great walk through the city. I saw the GPO, the Dublin needle, which didn't really show up very well on the picture because of the overcast sky, the garden of Remembrance and the Ha'penny bridge (so called because you had to pay half a penny to cross back in the day). I also saw the Tart with the cart, also known as Molly Malone, something that resulted in me having the song in my head for the next 3 days!

Does anybody know why those padlocks are there? Seems like it's kind of like carving your names into a tree...

After I had been to Merrion Square park and seen the statue of Oscar Wilde I caught the end of the marathon, or rather the beginning of the end, the first few people were crossing the finish line. I wasn't really paying attention until I noticed a guy in a wheelchair. Apparently the disabled people get to start a bit earlier than the rest but I still think it was really impressive that he was amongst the top 20, I think he was amongst the top 20 anyway, like I said I wasn't really paying attention, but I hadn't seen that many people get in  before him.

Trinity College has some of the most beautiful old buildings in Dublin, I got a tour by a guy studying history who knew a lot, we were only taken around a small part of the campus but I learnt a lot and the guide was really knowledgeable, it was almost so I didn't want the tour to end because it was all so interesting, it almost seemed like the guide didn't quite want it to end either, he seemed like there was much more he wanted to tell us. I also bought a ticket for the Book of Kells, but I had to run and meet my friend so I saved the ticket for tomorrow.

When I was in Yulara I met an Irish Girl who I met up with again today. It was really nice to see her again, I hope that since we both live in Europe we can meet up every now and again. IG and I went to the Old Jameson Distillery. I've never been a big fan of whiskey, but I tried it with Ginger Ale, Sprite and Cranberry Juice (not all at the same time of course) and with the first two it was actually quite nice. At Jameson they only did guided tours, it was cool to learn about their history, although they showed a ridiculous movie at the start of the tour, it was funny just because of how bad it was.

After Jameson IG and I went to Temple Bar to a traditional Irish pub where they were playing live traditional Irish music. It was the best ambiance I've ever had in a pub, it was really crowded but not claustrophobic, everybody was just chilling and having a good time.


Mind Of Mine said...

Were you curious about the signifgance of those locks on the bridge.

Lilly said...

I was yes, can't believe I forgot to write that! Do you know why they are there?

Mind Of Mine said...

Yes, they are love locks. People write the name of the person they love on them and then lock them to bridges, fences etc.

Tourism Ireland said...

You've got it all, Lilly: the magical streets of Dublin, its beautiful attractions, even the Marathon! It must have been so exciting going around the city while more than 10.000 people were running through the centre. From the fantastic pictures and descriptions it seems to us that you had a great Irish day! ;)


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