Sunday, 25 November 2012

One person is all it takes...

Yesterday I wrote about how one person can make you feel negative (here). But it works the other way as well.

It only takes one person to make you smile. To get you in a good mood. Luckily there are more people that can make me in a good mood than in a bad mood. Unfortunately the bad mood often lasts longer.

Sometimes one person at work can make me smile as soon as I see them, it might last for a few minutes, or it might last for a whole day. It helps when I have someone at work that I really don't like to have someone that makes me smile as well. Evens it out a bit. There are some people at work I try to stay close to. They have a positive effect on me. I only need one of them at a time, but when it comes to positivity the more is merrier.

It's not just at work though. Have you noticed that sometimes when you're in a bad mood a smile from a stranger, or maybe even a compliment from someone you don't know, can brighten up your day? This is why I always try to smile when I catch a stranger's eye on the street; maybe it will brighten their day. I also try to compliment random people I see sometimes, without it seeming creepy of course, and only if I really mean what I say. If someone has a really nice handbag then I will tell them, If their hair look really nice I will tell them.

A message from one person that I haven't seen in a while makes me smile for ages. A picture of a friend makes me think of the happy memories.

When you don't like one person it's usually very specific  it's THAT person, and possibly anyone that reminds you of him/her. But when it comes to someone making you happy it can be anyone! All they need to do is smile at you, or say something nice. There is a lot more positivity in the world than negativity if you think about it, but with most people the negativity sticks with you a lot longer.

A lot of people or things can get you in a good mood and make you smile, but you only need one at a time. One person is all it takes to get you in a good mood, sometimes that person only make you happy occasionally, sometimes they make you happy no matter what.

If you find the person that can make you happy no matter what, make sure you don't lose that person!

Spread the happiness, you never know who you might cheer up with it.

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