Friday, 16 November 2012

Thetford 07.11.12

Before I went on holiday I printed out a couple of maps of things to see in Thetford. One of the maps was a map of haunted places, which was slightly scary, and exciting, as one of the places on the map was my hotel!

One of the first places I checked out today was Thetford Priory. Thetford apparently used to be the religious centre of England back in the day, and Thetford was the 6th largest city in England, which is funny considering how small it is today. The ruins of the Priory were really beautiful! It would have been amazing to see it while it was still standing. I could just walk around there for ages. It was really peaceful. There was hardly any people there, just a few people walking their dogs.

After the ruins I went to Ancient house, it's a really old house serving as a small museum. It was free and really interesting. 

Thetford is such a cute little village. There are so many old buildings here and so much history. It's a relaxing place and so many pretty things to take pictures of.

There is a man made mound that I thought would make a great lookout. I got about halfway up before I gave up. It was really steep and muddy and I did not want to risk falling down with my dad's DSLR. It was even worse trying to get back down, I'm glad I didn't go up to the top.

Another thing I found out as I was checking out the Thetford website is that it was used as the exterior scenes in the TV-series Dad's Army. Not that I have ever watched it. I had heard of it but I didn't really care. But for those of you that do: there is a Dad's Army museum in Thetford as well as a statue.

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