Saturday, 17 November 2012

Thetford 08.11.12

I have been lucky with the weather while I've been in Thetford so it's been nice to just stroll around.

I headed to the Priory of the Canons of the Holy Sepulchre, another ruin, much smaller than Thetford Priory and not quite as peaceful as it was closer to houses and one of the main roads.

After a little walk I found an old town sign which had a picture of a Viking king on one side and Thomas Paine on the other.

I also headed back to Thetford Priory, this time there wasn't a single person there at the same time as me.

There is a Gatehouse belonging to the Priory, but it stands on private property. You used to be able to walk to it, but the path was closed while I was there. I did however find a place where I could see it over a fence. It looked like there was some work going on on the Gatehouse, maybe that's why the path to it was closed?

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