Wednesday, 8 June 2011

#8 - Fruit

Sorry about the late post.

The smoke detector started beeping (howling more like it) late this morning. I got of my laptop and ran around the whole house to see if anything was on fire, or if it was just being temperamental as it used to be before we changed it. It was just being temperamental.

Anyway, since I was already up I jumped straight in the shower, when I came out I was going to check something on the internet. No connection! "Okay, just being temperamental you too" I though. So I figured I should just go upstairs and get some breakfast, and check the internet again later.

The only time I watch telly (as good as anyway) is on weekday mornings when I eat breakfast. Turned telly on... Nothing... Then I remembered that the telly signal and the internet is the same (I think it is anyway)...

So before going to work today I was packing up some more things that needs to be packed before I go to Australia. I just got home from work and THE INTERNET IS BACK!!! YAY!

Here's today's photo by the way...

Hah! Look at that! I managed to get my post up before midnight!

30 Day Photographic Challenge

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