Thursday, 16 June 2011

Plastic or Canvas?

We've been closed for a few days at work now, because of building work. Today we opened the doors to a store twice as big as it used to be. I think we should get roller-skates or scooters to get around. (Still isn't even a fifth of the size of some of the big Tesco's/Sainsbury's/Morrison's etc in England though.)

Anyway, we had coffee and cake for the customers, a bouncy castle and loads of free things. One of the free things was "our" canvas bags, which normally costs NOK16 or something like that, you only pay for it once, and if it gets ruined or anything you can come into the store and swap it for a new one, free of charge. Environmental friendly and all that... (Which is a bit weird as out boss is always telling us to sell more plastic bags...)  It also had our bonus card attached to it, which you don't have to pay anything for normally either but it's just to see if we could get anymore people to register for one.

When I was working in the tills I just gave all the customers one of those bags. I gave it to one lady, she'd already said that she wanted a bag, so I gave her one of the canvas bags. To which I get this comment: "I don't want that! Don't you have any plastic bags?"
...Seriously? You want the plastic one?
I'm sorry, is it just me being weird here? Would you get a plastic bag when you can get a canvas bag for free? I did give her the plastic one though, what else was I supposed to do? Refuse to give it to her? (I was tempted...)

I actually had a "mid-shift" today, so I finished at 6pm instead of the usual 11.30pm. The weather was really nice as well. So I just had a quick dinner, changed into my shorts and flip-flops, and went for a nice walk in the warm sunshine. (I took the picture for #16 - Round on this walk as well)

Another photo I could have used for "round"
Daisies, one of my favorite flowers
Shorts and flop-flop are on!


Kaby said...

Stunning photos, as always, Lilly. Absolutely breathtaking.

Lilly said...

Thank you Kaby :)

Kevin Newman said...

Some people do the whole "plastic bag as a bin bag thing"

and therefore want plastic....



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