Saturday, 4 June 2011

All in all, a very successful day!

I went shopping in Molde today. I had to get a wedding present for my aunt that's getting married just two days before I leave for Australia.

I'm not really much of a shopper. I can't be bothered walking around shops for hours, especially not if I have to carry things. If I know that I will be spending a long time walking in and out of shops, I try to not bring a handbag, I just put my card or money in my pocket. But today I had to have my bag with me as well.

I also felt that I couldn't just the get the wedding present and then go straight back home again, getting the wedding present would only take a couple of minutes, since I already knew what I was getting.

Since I didn't want to go straight back home after paying to get to Molde, and also my mother wouldn't have been able to get me from the ferry anyway if I went straight back home because they were going somewhere else to look at a new BBQ, I decided I should do some shopping. I got the wedding present lastly, because I didn't want to drag it around town, and also I was worried that I would break it if I did.

    I did actually find a few things though, which is very rare when I walk around shops.

    Do you remember my RED post? I actually found some red things! I also wanted some flat earrings, so "two birds, one stone"
    I also got some books... I will hopefully be reviewing them later this month, after a couple of other ones that I'm reading.
    I also got some super cute cupcake thingys! Now I just need to make some cupcakes, we've also got some pink and purple sprinkles that I can decorate the cupcakes with! What sort of cupcakes do you think I should make?
    My LOVE bag came in handy today! I was quite pleased with myself, most of the things I bough were on sale as well (I LOVE sales!) so I didn't spend as much I could have done. On the ferry ride back I treated myself to one more thing, my favorite ice cream:
    Yummy! Have a nice weekend all!

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    Kaby said...

    Lilly - fabulous photo. Love the peeling paint and the water. Gorgeous.


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