Saturday, 18 June 2011

Late night

So yeah. It seem closing up takes 45 minutes longer now. I just hope we get paid for it, our boss can be a bit weird with hours and stuff (and I'll be in Australia when that paycheck comes out).

I didn't know I was going to finish so late tonight. Late-ER, yes, but 45minutes?! No. We have to run more than twice as long now to do various things, because everything is further away from everything else. Oh well, at least I get some exercise. I was not happy when I finished. Maybe the boss and his wife should try to do a late shift on their own. See if they manages to go home 20mins after the doors are locked? Fat chance!

The problem with running around at work so late at night is that I get stressed, and it takes me ages to stop stressing, so I'm hardly tired at all now! It's 1am...

Random evening shift experience: We got this woman in at 9.58pm saying she wanted to buy a lottery ticket, before 10pm (that's when the lottery sale closes, or maybe it goes over to the next day, I have no idea). Today is the first day that we actually sell lottery stuff in the store, so we're not really super fast. The woman kept nagging "Before 10! Come on, before 10!I need it before 10" (one of the few I've not managed to squeeze a smile from yet). We did manage to get her the lottery ticket before 10, I think it was dead on 10 actually. But I really wanted to tell her "Maybe you should have gotten here a bit earlier then!!"

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