Sunday, 26 June 2011

Saturday night customers...

Now that out store is so big (In Norwegian standards), the main office has decided we have to keep the store open one hour extra on Saturday night (and also open earlier).

As I was locking up tonight I saw a car driving towards our door, looking like it wanted to stop and do some shopping, so I shook my head like "no, sorry, we're closed" through the window as I was getting ready to lock the door. Then, right before I got to the door to lock it (it had already closed) two of the guys jumped out of the car and one of them forced the doors back open!! "Luckily" I was standing right in front of the door, so they didn't manage to get inside. The guy that forced the door open did most of the talking and seemed very drunk.

Me: Sorry, we're closed.
Man: Oh come on! Let us in!
Me: No. We're closed.
Man: Don't be difficult. Just let us in!
Me: No.
Man: Actually it's five to, so you're not closed yet!
Me: Well, our clock is 11.
He tried to force his way in, but I managed to stop him. If I had been a guy he would have maybe tried harder... I helps being a girl sometimes...
Man#2: We just want to buy some cigarettes.
Me: I'm sorry, but we're closed!
Man: I'm gonna report you!
Me: Go ahead.
Man: What's your name? 
I told him.
Man: I'm gonna report you! I'm gonna tell your manager!
Me: Okay.
After that "threat" he turned and walked away, while giving me the evil-eye over his shoulder.

What I didn't tell him is that my last day is in less than a week, and the manager is in a two week holiday! What I really wanted to do was to punch him in the face as soon as he forced the door open.

This is what's going to happen when we have to stay open so late on a Saturday night! The thing is, there is a gas-station right across the road from us, where you can buy cigarettes 24-7! And I mean right across the road! They are more expensive, but they should have thought of getting it earlier! Maybe before they started with the drinking...?

Why is it so hard for some people to understand the word closed?

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Kaby said...

I think you should have bopped him on the nose. Would have made you feel sooooooo good.


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