Thursday, 19 April 2012

Adelaide - Part 1

Written on: 17.04.12

As I was flying towards Adelaide and looking out the window of the plane I thought it looked so lovely. Nice little hills, cute country roads, cute country homes… I’m looking forward to my days in Adelaide, although for all I know I might spend the whole time in the city.

I got a map of the city at the hostel. I arrived too late to go to the tourist information centre, but according to the map it’s just around the corner from the hostel, so I will go there tomorrow after I have found a place where they can (hopefully) fix my camera. Also included in my plan for tomorrow is going to Adelaide Central Market and get some cheap food for my days here.

Written on: 18.04.12

My new camera, at least it works!
To fix my camera it would cost around $100, and if they saw something more that needed fixing, other than just the sand, that would be extra. Since I know the lens has a scratch on it, I figured I might as well buy a new camera. I got the cheapest one they had for $98. Hopefully it will last until I go back to Norway. I told the sales-guy about my bad luck with cameras, he suggested I get a shock-proof, water-proof etc. camera once I get back to Norway… That’s probably a good idea. Maybe I shouldn’t get a DSLR after all… Yeah, right!

After I got my new camera I went to the Tourist Information Centre and had a look at the brochures. I found some for free bike hire so I might do that one day, and they also gave me a map of the free City Loop bus and tram.

As the hostel I am staying at in Adelaide doesn’t have Wi-Fi I decided to go to the library for a bit since I had 3 new posts to publish. Unlike the Brisbane library there are not many places to sit, and the seats that are there are very hard and uncomfortable. I ended up sitting on the floor. At least it means I won’t spend more time than I have to there as my bum and back starts to hurt.

After the library I decided that it was a bit late to go to the market so I walked up and down Rundle Mall again (I’m getting plenty of exercise today!) as I had seen some things there this morning I wanted to take pictures of.

 I have also had a look at the maps I got at the TIC and found some things I would like to see in the next few days. The TIC also does free guided city walks at 9.30am so I think I’ll do that one day.

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Doctor Who streetart = Winning.


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