Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dark Angel

Dark Angel
By Virginia Andrews

Outer back cover: At last, Heaven would find the happiness she longed for… Free from the scorn and contempt of her past…
In her wealthy grandmother’s house Heaven dreamed of a wonderful new life – of new friends, the best schools, beautiful clothes and most important, love. Soon she would make her family name respectable, find her brothers and sisters, and have a family once again.
But even in the world of the rich there were strange forebodings, secrets best forgotten. And as Heaven reached out for love she was caught up in a sinister web of cruel deceits and hidden passions…

Book number two in the Casteel Family Saga.

There were some mistakes in this book, a few things that didn’t correspond with what had been written in book one “Heaven”, and there was some historical mistakes (it seems Andrews couldn’t quite decide in what time period she wanted the saga to be set in and so the math doesn’t really add up), but other than those faults it was a good book. Like the first book, I think I can also read this one over and over again.

Heaven goes back to her dead mother’s childhood home, but it’s not like she expected at all. She goes looking for her brothers and sisters, which she got separated from in the first book, with interesting results. There are loads of surprises in the book, some I could guess some I couldn’t. Like in the first book Heaven is filled with hate. Although to me it seems to shine through a lot more in this book. It’s sad to read about someone filled with so much hate that is also too stubborn to let go of even a small part of the hate. In a way it’s quite childish, but after what happened in book 1, where the hating starts, it’s also understandable, to an extent. But then that’s the way some people act, people doesn’t usually act rationally or the way you want them to, and so in a way I guess the way she acts is realistic.

Heaven is not my favourite character in this book, I still like her character and think it’s interesting, but my favourite has to be the grandfather. He’s just such a sweet character, he was in the first book as well, but he’s featured a little bit more in this one.

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