Friday, 27 April 2012

Uluru - Part 1

Written on: 22.04.12

As we flew to Yulara I could see Uluru! I only saw it for a few seconds out of the plane but I saw it! There is free transfer to Yulara from the airport as, unless you rent a car, there is no other way to get there.  

And I can see Uluru from a lookout at the hostel!! It’s just amazing! I had a really “blond” though as I looked at it: It looks just like the pictures!! Uhm.. well, duh…
 It’s just so amazing seeing it with my own eyes after seeing it in pictures and on tv, it feels surreal! The flat landscape and then suddenly the rock! Since the weather isn’t that great it looked kind of grey-ish blue-ish today. I’ve heard it changes colour depending on weather and what time of day it is.

I’m really looking forward to my tour tomorrow. I was originally just going on an afternoon tour, but when I called to reconfirm it they said they weren’t doing them anymore, so they upgraded me to the sunrise one!! Free! I’m hoping the weather is better tomorrow, but I think it will be amazing anyway.

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