Friday, 27 April 2012

Uluru YHA

In Yulara, when I went to see Uluru, I stayed at Ayers Rock YHA, which is affiliated with the Outback Pioneer Hotel Lodge.

It was okay.  What I thought was best was that there is a lookout at the hostel where you can see Uluru and Kata Tjuta!

I stayed in a dorm for 20 females, but it felt like a much smaller room because there were 4 beds then a small wall to separate them from the next 4, so the dorm was kind of divided into 5 “rooms” of 4. I did find it a bit cold at night though as we only got a thin sheet and then a thin blanket to put over it, but since I wasn’t staying long I didn’t bother to ask for an extra blanket.

The showers and toilets are big with lots of stalls, but they’re cold because they’re “outside”. One morning I didn’t get any hot water at all so I just finished my shower as quickly as possible, but it was fine on the other mornings, but it was cold to get out of the shower. The shower stalls are big and they’ve got hooks as well as a small shelf. Even though there is a small wall in front of the shelf, the water in the shower comes out in such a way that your things still get wet on the shelf. But the shower pressure was really nice.

I didn’t actually use the kitchen because I was only staying there a couple of days so I didn’t look very closely at it. There is a bar at the hostel which was nice in the evenings, people from all the other hotels at the resort came to our bar as well.

There are lines to hang clothes on so that I didn’t have to pay for the dryer as well as the washing machine. There are quite a few lines but they’re also quite low, which made me worry a bit that some of my clothes would touch the ground and get dirty all over again, but it was fine.

There is no free Wi-Fi. It’s $1 for 6 minutes! It’s ridiculous! I put $1 on one of their computes one night because I was just going to quickly check something and I knew I could do it in less than 6 minutes, but the computer wasn’t just expensive, it was SLOW as well! So slow that I never actually got to check what I wanted because I refused to put more money on it just to have to wait another half hour for one webpage to load.

There is a common room and a small bookshelf where you can swap your books here.

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