Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kuala Lumpur and Rome

I have finally booked all flights and accommodation all the way home! All that is left to book is my flight back to Oslo after visiting my mum for a few weeks.

On the way home I am going to stop in Kuala Lumpur and Rome for a few days.

One of my main reasons for going to KL is thisblog. Is that sad? I’ve been reading it for ages and I just really want to see it with my own eyes, and try some of the cakes (Mmmm…. Cake…!). Someone has also told me that I should see the twin towers at night. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what I should see while I’m there? I think I’ll just stay in the city and only see free, or really cheap, things because of my budget, but I would love to get some ideas from you!

In Rome I want to see the Colosseum and I would also love to visit the Vatican. I think I’ll probably love Rome just because of all the old buildings. I know there are many other things to see in Rome as well, and I would like ideas for that too. Like Kuala Lumpur I think I’ll just stay in the city and see mostly free things. I would love to go to other parts of Italy as well at a later time.

Have any of you readers been to Kuala Lumpur and/or Rome? What did you think? 

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