Saturday, 21 April 2012

Our House Backpackers

The hostel I stayed at in Adelaide was called Our House. I stayed in a dorm for 18 females and the room was quite big and it didn’t feel “cramped”. The floors are wooden so they’re quite noisy, but at least there was no one over us in the dorm I stayed in.

Instead of room numbers the dorms have names from places in Australia. I stayed in Surfer’s Paradise. I think it’s pretty cool, different and a nice way to make the hallways look a bit prettier. There was, however, nothing inside the rooms that reflected the names of them.

When I checked in I got a key for a locker in my room, this has never happened before. The times when there has been a locker in the dorm before, I had to use my own padlock or rent a key, but most of the times there isn’t a locker at all. Inside the locker was a bag with the bed linen and crockery which I just return when I check out.

The bathrooms are clean and big, there are plenty of toilets and sinks and the shower stalls are big. There is no shelf to put your things on in the showers, only hooks, but at least there’s more than one hook.

The hostel also has free breakfast. It’s just toast with butter and jam and tea or coffee, but at least it’s free!

They have not got free internet, you have to pay $3 for 75 minutes, and they don’t have Wi-Fi at all, you have to use the computers provided. There are however plenty of places in Adelaide you CAN get free Wi-Fi, I walked to the library.

The hostel is close to pretty much everything in the city, including stops for the free tram and city loop bus and the central train station.

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