Friday, 13 April 2012

Hobart - Part 2

Written on: 11.04.12

Today I walked around Hobart and looked at some of the historic buildings again, just a different route than yesterday.

Royal Engineers' Building
 I also went to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Unfortunately the museum is tiny at the moment because they’re doing some redeveloping. There was an exhibition about the South Pole and Roald Amundsen, and there was a map there showing where the magnetic South Pole has been since the 1600’s, I thought that was really interesting, I knew that the Poles changes place, but it’s still strange to actually see the change on a map.
I went to the Theatre Royal as well. It looks lovely from the outside, and I think I will go back on Friday to take a tour of the inside as well. Especially because of what it said on my map is in the basement:

Theatre Royal: Australia’s oldest functioning theatre opened in 1837. It was substantially remodelled in 1856 and 1911-12, and restored after a serious fire in 1983. The basement incorporates remnants of the original theatre, including the tavern commonly known as “The Shades”.
There is so much history and so many beautiful buildings in this city, and outside it. I wish I had enough money to go on tours and see everything! I like Hobart almost as much as Melbourne (maybe even more!), just because there is so much to see and such beautiful scenery!
Ingle Hall, one of the oldest buildings in Hobart

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