Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tassie Backpackers

Well, I’ve decided to put what I write about hostels in a post on its own because it takes up so much space most of the time, which can make a post seem a bit long and “daunting”. This will also make it easier for people that have Googled the name of a hostel I’ve stayed at and just want a review of the hostel and not the place I’ve been to.

When I was in Hobart I stayed at TassieBackpackers at The Brunswick Hotel. There was no lift at the hostel, so I had to carry my suitcase up a flight of stairs; they weren’t too long though so it was fine.

The hostel has loads of doors open and in a way part of it is outside so it gets really cold. I found a heater in the dorm that I turned on when I was in it during the day and in the evening, but at night we had to turn it off and open the windows so that the air wouldn’t get to stuffy.

The dorm I’m in is alright, it’s a 10 person one, just ladies, there isn’t a lot of space for luggage or anything but it seems to work. The bathrooms are really old (and freezing cold) and could use some renovating. The shower is either scorching hot or freezing cold and has hardly any pressure (usual hostel shower).

There are no signs towards anything in the hostel so I just had to guess my way to places or get people to show me.

There is a courtyard outside, so it’s cold, where there are some tables and chairs and you can connect to the free Wi-Fi, and there is a roof over the courtyard so you won’t get wet if it rains. There is also a small common room with a TV and a small bookshelf where you can swap your books instead of spending your money on buying new ones.

The kitchen is large, but hasn’t got much bench space so it’s better to go when there is nobody else in there if you need to cook. There are two ovens, I was actually quite impressed by that, it’s the first place I’ve been to with an oven.

There is one washing machine and one tumble dryer but the hostel doesn’t seem very busy so I don’t think they need more. It’s $3 to use each. The washing machine isn’t very large though, so if you have a large amount of clothing that needs washing you might have to do 2 loads.

The staff I’ve dealt with has been very friendly and helpful.

The hostel’s location is great! It’s just around the corner from Elizabeth Street, the main shopping street, and there is a Woolworth’s literally straight across the street!

My stay at Tassie Backpackers has been nice. Yes, it’s cold (that’s just the season as well) and the bathrooms needs renovating and they need to put signs up to make it easier to find things, but at least the location is good, the staff is nice, and there are no bedbugs!

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Kaby said...

What a treasure you are. I love the idea of you stopping and checking the wildlife. That's a beautiful, caring thing to do. Should be more of it.


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