Friday, 13 April 2012

Gates of Paradise

Gates of Paradise
By Virginia Andrews

Outer Back cover: Heaven’s daughter Annie, a sweet and loving young woman, has known the sort of happy home that always seemed out of her mother’s reach. But a terrible, tragic car accident changes all that.
When her mysterious ‘great-grandfather’ Tony Tatterton takes her to Farthinggale Manor, he promises to look after all her needs. But Annie pines for her lost family, most especially for Luke, her half-brother, the loving confidant of her childhood. Soon she becomes lost in the despair of the decaying mansion.
Then Annie discovers the secret cottage owned by Tony’s brother Troy, and the mystery deepens…

Book number four in the Casteel Family Saga.

The three first books were told by Heaven, but this book is told by Heaven’s daughter Annie. It’s interesting to read about how she finds out her family’s secrets. It’s also interesting to see how she deals with everything after a terrible accident, what she does to deal with it and how other people treat her.

Some things in the book, and some characters, are just sick, unfortunately people like that exist in the real world as well, and what Annie thinks about it and how she deals with it is very realistic, as is her struggles.

This saga seems to become more and more like a soap opera by each book, or maybe they’ve been like this from the beginning, it just that I notice it more now. Although the book as interesting, I still think the saga could have ended after the last book. And in this book as well, the ending could end the whole saga, so I am looking forward to reading what happens in the last one. The first book, Heaven, is still my favourite.

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