Monday, 2 April 2012

Angles at Christmas

Angles at Christmas
By Debbie Macomber

           Outer back cover:  Those Christmas Angles
Anne Fletcher sends a heartfelt plea in the hope that someone is looking down on her this Christmas. One wish – for her son to be happy. She doesn’t expect to have her prayer answered by three mischievous angles! They’re about to do a little matchmaking on Anne’s behalf and make her Christmas wish come true.
Where Angels Go
The angels are on hand again for lovely Beth Fischer who, since her divorce, is looking for romance once more. At eighty-six, Harry has prayed for peace of mind and little Carter Jackson has just one Christmas wish. Angels Shirley, Goodness and Mercy will make miracles happen this Christmas…

Two books in one, both with a strong Christian theme, still, I didn’t feel like the religion was “forced” upon me, it was just a nice way of looking at it in a nice story, if that’s the way things work, then all the better.

Those Christmas Angles
I liked the story. The three angels making Anne’s prayer come true were very funny, although I did think some things were a little over the top. It was also very interesting to see what would happen between Roy and Julie. My favourite character in this book was Anne, just how she tried to sort her own life out while worrying about Roy. Roy was also an interesting character, and I enjoyed reading about him and finding out if he managed to let go of the past.

Where Angels Go
I liked this book better than the first, just because it dealt with more people and at different stages of life and different prayers. I also enjoyed the angels more in this book, how they had to learn something as well instead of just teaching humans something. I liked reading about all the main characters in this book, I can’t choose a favourite. I liked reading about Harry and his life before death, knowing you’re going to die and leave someone behind must be hard for anyone. Beth was funny and very scared to love, although I did manage to guess who the mystery date was long before it actually said it was fun to see how Beth would react. Carter was really sweet, a little nine-year-old boy who wishes for a thing he can’t have, I didn’t manage to guess what would happen with his wish so it was nice to think “will he get it or not?”.

Angels at Christmas is a really nice book to read at any time of the year, like I said it has a strong Christian theme, but at the same time it’s just a story like any other book. Anyone could read this book, personally I had trouble putting it down because it though it was so nice.

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....Petty Witter said...

Perfect for this challenge and I'm so pleased that you also chose to add a book about angels. I've always meant to read and review this for the Christmas Book challenge I take part in every year.


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