Sunday, 3 March 2013

Exploring Boston

Today Anne, her boyfriend Nathan and me started the day off at Samuel Adams brewery. I had never heard of that beer before but it's a Boston beer and apparently quite famous. I don't like beer at all, but the tour was free and it was fun to learn a little bit about the beer, the guides were really funny. Unfortunately, since I raised my hand when they asked if there were any out-of-towners on the tour, they asked me if I liked the beer when we got a sample... And I didn't lie... Got a few laughs though!

After the brewery we walked around Boston for a bit. Nathan really knows his Boston history, with the buildings and everything so he was a great guide (or maybe he was just telling me gibberish in a confident manner!). Even though I met him for the first time today it felt like I had known him for years, out little group was full of playful banter and it felt like it was usual for us to hang out together, it was very nice and relaxed.

We went to the USS Constitution, which was also free, to get on it was just like walking through customs again though, I had to show my I.D. and they scanned my bag. It's a beautiful old ship, and the fact that it was  saved by school children is really cool. I'm kind of surprised that the brewery and ship were free, but a goof surprised, they are both the kind of things you'd expect having to pay for.

We followed the Freedom trail up to the Bunker Hill monument after that, and we walked up the steps to the top of the monument! I should not have bothered doing some exercise this morning! All out legs were shaking by the time we made it back down again!

Once we'd stretched and gotten some water we followed some of the Freedom Trail around again. On the way we walked past this thing with a heap of dogtags on it behind Old North Church, but as far as we could see only two of the dogtags actually had names on them... Maybe it started out with no "real" ones and then some people have added those two on it?

We also walked through this Holocaust remembrance thing, it was quite cool, and also sad of course. There was one glass tower for each of the concentration camps, and they had all the numbers of the people who died in them on them, or maybe not just died, maybe every person that was in there, I don't know.

One thing I have to say about Boston is that it seems really quiet.... There a busy places of course, but it doesn't seem very busy for a big city.

Tomorrow we'll be checking out Newport, Rhode Island! I'm really looking forward to it, seeing the more non-touristy parts of America while I'm here will be nice.

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