Saturday, 23 March 2013

It's a Zoo out there!

My last full day in Disney World and the weather was terrible! Well, I've had worse of course, but when you have to be outside with a camera bag and poncho instead of being able to snuggle up inside with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa it's seems a lot worse than it is. But I am glad I spent the day at Animal Kingdom instead of one of the other parks.

Personally I don't really think there was all that much to see in Animal Kingdom, which is why it was nice to spend the rainy day there instead of one of the parks with loads to see.

There were a lot of character meeting spots, and since the weather was so bad there were less people and I didn't have to stand in line for ages.

I took the poncho off for the pictures, but my fringe makes me look like a drowned cat in some of them.
One of the things I did in the park, besides meeting characters, was the Kilimanjaro Safari. It was fun to see all the African animals, and at least the animals there have a lot more space to roam about than the animals in the enclosures in the rest of the park.

The people that were sitting next to me on the safari bus, however, were not nice. They seemed quite snobby. When the safari started the tour guide did say that we would only be stopping for about 5 seconds for each animal and not at all for some, so to have out cameras out and ready. The people next to me, a couple and a young boy (10ish I'm guessing) kept shouting "wait" and "stop" to the guide, especially the mother. The guide ignored them though, thankfully. If you actually do what those people want you to do then they'll just get even worse!

Luckily there were some indoor activities, like the Finding Nemo musical, which was quite amusing.

I walked around the whole park but still left quite early, I didn't even catch the Jammin' Jungle Parade at 3.45pm. I wish the weather had been better as I would have probably at least stayed for the parade, but at the same time I don't feel like I missed much, I just didn't find this park as fun as the other ones. I know part of it was because of the weather, which just made me miserable, and part of it was because I was ready to relax for a day after all the sightseeing I'd done the last two weeks, but I think that even if I go back in the future I doubt I'll spend a whole day at Animal Kingdom.

I bought a really cool t-shirt at Animal Kingdom, I'd been trying to find one so I would have something to wear on my way home since I didn't have any clean tops left, and I finally found something I was happy with.

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