Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Exploring Salem

Anne picked up the rental car we will use to get to New York and DC today and we headed up to Salem in it for the day. Nathan couldn't come as he was working, but suddenly we got a text saying he managed to finish early and he'd meet us in Salem. It was really cold today, but in a way I think Salem is one of those places it's nice to go in the winter, just because the bare trees adds a little to the charm, makes it look a little more "creepy", unfortunately a lot of the places doesn't open until April!

Before Nathan showed up Anne and I took a tour of the House of the Seven Gables. I actually didn't realize it is a book as well, I will have to try and read it now. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside. It was kind of like the Newport Mansions, but in a much smaller scale, and without all the marble. Inside the house we actually got to go up a very narrow secret staircase! I've wanted to go up a secret staircase for years so I can now tick that off my list of things to do, although I guess it isn't really secret  when everybody knows about it. It was fun to walk inside the house as you could tell it was old because the floor wasn't flat any more. I would definitely recommend taking a tour of the house if you're ever in Salem.

After the house we met up with Nathan and ate some lunch that Anne had packed, before we saw the "Friendship of Salem", which is an old ship, we didn't get to go aboard though as it was closed. We then went to the Salem Witch Museum, pictures inside there also wasn't allowed. It was basically a story about how the Salem Witch trials started and then a small guided tour about the different types of witches and the story behind them.

I'm not really sure what I expected when I went to Salem, especially as I try not to have expectations, but it didn't quite look the way I though, but that's probably just because we didn't go to the places that have been on TV and stuff though. I still really liked it! Before we had dinner and headed back to Boston we checked out the Bewitched statue.
I am a little sad to be leaving Boston, but I am also looking forward to exploring New York in the coming days!

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